Kindergarten at HCA

Kindergarten children will be engaged in meaningful experiences through an interactive learning environment that promotes social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth.

Bible Weekly Bible story and application activities
Pledge to the American flag, Christian Flag, and the Bible
A to Z Memory Verses
Chapel services on Wednesdays
Math Understand calendar concepts
Recognize, write, and orally count numbers 1-100
Counting by ones, fives, and tens
Understand addition and subtraction
Creating number sentences
Patterns, graphs, measurement
Reading Phonics – vowels, consonants, blends
Reading short stories
Reading with smoothness and accuracy (by the end of the year)
Handwriting Develop motor skills and habits of neatness, order, precision, accuracy, and consistency and understand how to use and write punctuation marks.
Simple Geography – community, city, state, country, countries around the world, continents and oceans.
Science Studying God’s World (hands-on activities, live observations) – health, transportation, living and nonliving things.
Field Trips Visit from Watauga Firefighters
Dallas World Aquarium                                                                                                                                                                           Visit from the “Creature Teacher”
HCA Events Christmas Musical
The Saints Race
Field Day