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Secondary Academics

Junior High School

The academic pursuits of HCA have a balanced approach to learning which include the sharing of knowledge, critical thinking, and appreciation.  Our junior high students start their day with Physical Education.  The seventh grade classes consist of Bible, English, Social Studies, Pre-Algebra (also called Algebra Readiness), and Life Science.  The eighth grade classes may include Bible, Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1 (Algebra 1 students receive high school credit), English Social Studies, Earth Science, and Keyboarding.    HCA is always looking for opportunities to provide junior high students the best curriculum to prepare them for high school.  One of HCA’s future plans to offer Spanish 1 in eighth grade for another high school credit.

High School

HCA seeks out the best curriculum to aid our teachers in providing the best education for our college-bound students.  All of HCA graduates are accepted to college.  The last three graduating classes of a total of nearly 78 students have been offered nearly 4.5 million dollars in college scholarships.  Our English department is highly effective in preparing our students for the college experience.  Along with the core courses that all high school students must take, HCA offers Bible (this year Bible has been a study of Genesis 1-11 and the Gospel of Mark; seniors take a Worldviews class), Spanish, Latin, Art, Drama, Computer, Yearbook, Health, and Speech.  HCA is looking at increasing its elective options.  This coming school year, HCA will continue to work with Texas Wesleyan University to offer dual credit in English, Algebra, and Bible.  Our students could earn up to 21 college hours their senior year.

Secondary Publishers Include:

Computer (grades 7&8) – Pearson-Prentice Hall

Foreign Language- Memoria Press and BJU Press

Health-ACSI- Total Health

Language Arts- Prentice Hall and McDougal Littell

Language (AP)- Pearson/Prentice Hall & Boynton/Cook

Mathmatics- McDougal Littell & Houghton Mifflin

Calculus (AP) – Houghton Mifflin

Psychology- Worth

Science- BJU Press

Social Studies- BJU Press & Glencoe/McGraw

Speech- BJU Press