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Thank you for your interest in Harvest Christian Academy.  Giving your student the gift of Christian Education shows them that the Christian walk is a priority for you and your family.  HCA is a discipleship Christian school integrating excellent academics, competitive athletics, and quality fine arts.  We encourage you to prayerfully consider the incredible benefits of Kingdom Education.  Additional information on the importance and impact of Christian education may be found at

Harvest Christian Academy believes that in order to provide the best academic and spiritual training, we must make certain exclusions. We, therefore, do no accept students who are not in good standing with the institution in which they are presently and/or previously enrolled, high school students who do not wish to attend HCA, or students whose academic needs cannot be met.

We believe that the standards of Harvest Christian Academy are easier to maintain when the students’ and parents’ attitudes are in agreement with the school’s philosophies and policies. This cooperation helps to support the standards at Harvest.  All families will be interviewed by the admission’s committee before any application is considered for acceptance.   All students, regardless of age, must reside with the parent or guardian.

Harvest Christian Academy admits qualified students of any race, color, gender or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities. In addition, the school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, or ethnic origin in the administration of any or all educational/co-curricular policies.

Please use these links to access downloadable and printable information and forms.

Student Application 2010

Tuition 2010-11

Doctrinal Statement of Faith


2010-2011 Dress code (pdf)

20010-11 Calendar


Steps to Admission
Step 1

To apply to HCA, the following must be completed and supplied to the school office:

  • A complete student application
  • Extrance examination fee of $100
  • Student’s most current report card (not applicable for K)
  • Student’s achievement test scores from the last two years (not applicable for K)
  • Copy of student’s state issued birth certificate
  • Health and Medical Release Form for potential Kindergarten students
  • Certificate of Ear and Eye Examination for potential Kindergarten students
  • Certificate of Immunization
  • Copy of any educational, psychological, medical or IEP developed as a result of testing
  • Reference forms from student’s church and school
  • Test results, SAT scores, report cards/transcripts from the last two years
  • $500 registration fee once accepted
  • All international students who attend our school on an I-20 will have a nonrefundable application fee of $200 per student.  All information including transcripts and grades must be translated into English prior to review.

Step 2

The entrance exam is conducted by an independent Educational Diagnostician.  Potential students will be directed to the testing contact once the testing fee of $100 per student is received by the admissions office.  Parents will be invited to meet with the Guidance Counselor to review the testing results.

Step 3

The admissions committee will contact parent(s) to schedule a family  interview with a member of the HCA administration team. The following should be read before the interview.

2010-11 Tuition
Grade Oldest Child Second Child Youngest or Additional Saints Fee
K Half DayK Full Day $4,300$6,300 $3,999$5,859 $3,913$5,733 $400$400
1-3 $6,700 $6,231 $6,097 $400
4-6 $7,000 $6,510 $6,370 $500 ($400/4th grade)
7-8 $7,400 $6,882 $6,734 $600
9-12 $7,700 $7,161 $7,007 $700
Children of Harvest Church members receive $100 discount per student. Active members of Harvest have completed the 101 Life Development class.The Saints Fee covers athletics, fine arts, graduation, science, technology, yearbook, and related student activities. The Saints Fee does not include certain AP courses, Dual credit class fees & books, optional testing, field trips, cheerleading, special events, uniforms, books and supplies.
Registration Fee (due upon registration – non-refundable – not subject to financing)
Returning Student Registration $350 – before March 1$500 – on or after March 1
New Student Registration Fee $500 – Due on acceptance.
Tuition There are two ways to pay tuition at Harvest Christian Academy.

  1. Payment in Full – Cash or check by June 1.
  2. Financing Plan – Contact the business office for details.

All financial arrangements must be made by June 1. Students enrolling after June 1 must have financial arrangements in place before attending classes.

Late Payments—Returning Students If tuition is not paid in full or financial arrangements made by June 1, a late fee of $100 per student will be assessed to the student’s account.

In the case of official withdrawal or institutional dismissal, tuition/fees may be refunded according to the schedule below:

Registration Fee:  non-refundable

Saints Fee: non-refundable


Before/on 1st day of class 90% Dec 1st – Dec 31st 25%
After 1st day of class – Sep 30th 75% After Dec 31st 0%
Oct 1st – Nov 30th 50%