“I would like to thank you for the hard work and dedication you are providing for your students.  This afternoon, Monday February 2, I ventured out to have lunch at the Pizza Garden located on Highway 377 in Watauga.  As I pulled into the parkingSecond Grade Welcoming the Troops Home lot, I watched as one of your buses pulled in and parked.  I spoke with a couple of the Mom’s that were there and learned that your students were having lunch after visiting with soldiers heading to the Middle East.  Expecting typical students, I quickly paid for my lunch, grabbed some pizza and found a quiet corner to hide out.  It wasn’t long before I was very surprised by the behavior and actions of the students.  I say surprised because I didn’t see any of the behavior typical of a group of students in a restaurant with their friends.  There was no pushing, shoving, yelling, arguing, or fighting.  There was no food throwing, fort building, whining, or complaining.  Instead I heard laughing, joking, talking, and eating.  Every single student in line and at the tables was very polite, very patient, and well behaved.  I even saw one little girl drop her food on the floor and go back to pick it up.  What you are teaching at your school and how you are teaching it is exactly right.  I thank you for instilling good manners and polite conduct in your students, I could see the results this afternoon.”

– Local Resident – Feb 2, 2009 –

Our parents would like you to know… 

Harvest Christian Academy has been a true blessing for our family. Our daughter went to the daycare for many years and loved it! When she was ready to go to kindergarten, we really desired to put her in the private school…but financially we thought it was impossible. So she started out at a local public school. Our gut knew it was not the right thing for her, and it proved to be right! She did not cope well with that type of environment. Within the first week her teacher was changed due to so many students. Not only that, ALL of the children (K- 4th) had to be left at the door of the gym each morning. It was a very loud and chaotic environment. We never saw her class…except for “meet the teacher” night. After we talked about the situation, we felt the Lord telling us to have faith and just move her to Harvest. When we took our daughter to meet Mrs. Miller, she had her notebook, desk, and bulletin board decorations with her name on them already done…it felt right…it felt like she belonged! We like the fact that her days are spent learning, not just about the academics, but filling her little mind about Jesus Christ. What could really be more important than that? We are blessed and thankful for HCA! – Mr. and Mrs. Lynch 

We were looking for a school where our son would grow and be challenged not just academically but also spiritually. We found it in Harvest. Our son’s teacher is amazing – the perfect balance of care and compassion, learning and exploring, and following the guidelines. The staff is so supportive and we couldn’t ask for more. We are so thankful for a Christ-centered educational environment that nurtures both our son’s mind and his spirit. – Mr. and Mrs. Allen

Our daughter started at Harvest Christian Day Care at two years old, then progressed into the Pre-K program, and is now in Kindergarten at Harvest Christian Academy. She absolutely loves Harvest and the spirit they instill in her. The small classroom size allows for individualized attention to each student. The school strives for academic progress and Christian development in each student, which has us enjoying the school just as much as our daughter. You could not ask for better teachers in this Kindergarten program, and we can’t wait to see what first grade has in store for her!! – The Wilhelm Family  
We have put three children through the HCA program and have been pleased with the success of our children. – Mr. and Mrs. Hilton