Why choose Harvest Christian Academy?

Hear from some of the students themselves at HCA…

“I love HCA. I think it’s an amazing school! It has taught me a lot about how to be a Christian and how God has a plan for me. Harvest has been a great experience and taught me lots. I love it!”

-Middle school student

“HCA is difficult to explain. This school is hard working and the teachers, well the teachers are interesting as well. They are fun and hard at the same time. Yes, I have my favorites, but they are all interesting. I love the people here. You are able to find good people as your friends. I have so many good friends here. They are amazing.”

“We have great staff here at HCA. Godly, Christian people who love the lord our God! I am blessed to be around those people all day during school hours. Each one of them is a blessing to me!”

-Middle School Student

“I love Harvest because it’s a school full of opportunity. The teachers reach out and help with our needs. I’ve been going here since preK and now I’m in the sixth grade. The school teaches us to grow in faith in Christ. Our chapel teacher has wonderful methods on teaching us how to show responsibility, compassion, and more. They have a great lunch program. I love Harvest. They’ve been here with me all my life and I can’t wait to come back next year.

PS. Love the athletic program too!”

-6th grade student

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