Commitment to a Christian Lifestyle

It is the desire, hope, and plan of Harvest Christian Academy that all students, faculty, and staff exhibit Christlike actions in all situations through a vibrant personal relationship with Jesus Christ that produces students who are able to defend their faith through a mature knowledge of God’s Word and who are fully devoted disciples who will impact their world.

The Academy seeks students who are committed to a…

  • Christian lifestyle that recognizes that we live in the world, but we should not be a part of worldly activities, such as practicing or condoning the following: dishonesty, gossip, theft, abortion, premarital sex, homosexual behavior, profanity, or pornography.
  • Christian lifestyle that recognizes that God has placed people in authority over us, so we should respect, obey, and pray for those who are employed by HCA, Harvest Church, and the Harvest Child Development Center, as well as respect any adult on campus and at extra-curricular activities.
  • Christian lifestyle which recognizes that God desires truth and honesty in all areas of life; therefore, we should not lie, cheat, or plagiarize.
  • Christian lifestyle that recognizes that the body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and all Christians should abstain from the use and possession of tobacco, nonprescribed stimulants and depressants, hallucinogenic drugs, and any intoxicants.
  • The Christian lifestyle which recognizes that we belong to Christ, and we represent Christ in all we do. Therefore we should not draw, wear, or display in any way anti-Christian symbols, nor should we dress immodestly or in such a way that would misrepresent our relationship with Christ.
  • The Christian lifestyle that recognizes that all believers need encouragement, so we should encourage one another, love one another, forgive one another, pray for one another, be kind to one another, and be patient with one another.

These principles are the expectations of all Harvest Christian Academy students and should be honored by all.